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Appropriate Software Clubs


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Clubs coordinate the common costs of process analysis, software development, service provision, and cost coordination within different domains of work.

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"Each software club is coordinated by a club host. Club hosts follow the operational cycle for software clubs...."

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Club Not Found?

If you can't find a club dedicated to your area of work, please Contact Us to start a new club.

We hope to see clubs for many different domains and look forward to your contribution.

Have a look through the list of clubs below. You are encouraged to join or propose clubs that address your areas of work.

You can learn how software clubs work on the Club Tutorial page.

KForge Club

The KForge Club addresses the world of software and knowledge project hosting. This club is for organizations which provide application services to support their project teams.

If you host project services, please join this club!

Scan Club

The Scan Club addresses medical imaging work. This club is for medical imaging units (research and clinical), and others who produce or consume medical image data.

If you work with medical image data in public health, please join this club!

Development Club

The Development Club addresses the work of process analysis, software development, and application service provision. This club is for all software and process development practitioners.

If you'd like to share stuff with other development practitioners, please join this club!

Club Club

The Club Club addresses the work of hosting a club. This club is for people who establish associations for sharing stories, software, and services.

If you host a software club, please join this club!

Appropriate Software Association

The Appropriate Software Association addresses the world in general. This club is for supporters of the Appropriate Software Foundation.

If you like our Approach, please join!

Retail Club

The Retail Club addresses the work of selling things online. This club is for book shops, gallery owners, printers, campaigners, musicians, and so on.

If you're struggling to sell things online, please join this club!

Quant Club

The Quant Club addresses quantitative analysis work, for example within the energy sector. This club is for quantitative analysis groups.

If you'd like to help create an open calculating service, to complement your organizations internal capabilities, please join this club!