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Appropriate Software Stories


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Simple narrative fragments or journeys which make up worlds.

Story Collection

The Appropriate Software Foundation collects working stories, stories that make up working processes. We also collect systems that support such stories, and record which stories each system supports.

Collecting stories is closely associated with the work of process and requirements analysis. See the Approach and the Services page for more information about process and requirements analysis.

Things We Love...

Most often, it appears, people love to keep things simple - to eat well, to be outside in the green, to be with pets and friends, to walk or cycling near rivers and lakes.

As an extracurricular and lighthearted take on the more serious work of process analysis, the Things We Love... Story Listening Workshops invites people attending cultural festivals and other events to record things they love to happen in the world.

The workshop emerged from incrementally developing a basic information stall about the Appropriate Software Foundation from feedback whilst attending different events. You are welcome to browse the galleries.