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Appropriate Software Projects


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All projects address a particular scope of concern, and work through a dynamic backlog of issues within an incremental series of iterations.

If you would like more information about any of the projects please Contact Us.

Project Hosting Service

Most projects are on hosted on Appropriate! an open project hosting service based on the KForge software. You are welcome to visit, register yourself, and host your appropriate software projects on this site.

Foundation Projects

Our foundation projects support the foundation's basic working processes: of process analysis and improvement; of software development; of software service provision; and of software clubs. See the Approach and Services pages for more information about our work.

DomainModel (Domain Driven Design)

The DomainModel project supports domain- and behaviour-driven design and development.

The project emerged after extracting codes from various domain driven designs, such as Desire, KForge, Provide, Club, and ScanBooker (see below). The DomainModel system remains as the common core of these other software systems.

Please visit the DomainModel website for more information.

Desire (Curating Civil Society Processes)

The Desire project supports process analysis and improvement.

We are continuing to develop a software system called Desire. The Desire system supports recording descriptions of working processes as a series of story responses to working events. Supportive products then attempt to satisfy the story requirements.

Please visit the Desire website for more information.

KForge (Software Development)

The KForge project supports software and knowledge development.

With the Open Knowledge Foundation, we continue to develop software to support the open knowledge development community.

Please visit the KForge website for more information.

Provide (Application Service Provision)

The Provide project supports service execution management.

The purpose is to automate application deployment, data migration, and service cut-over, so that more time is available for identifying and resolving developmental concerns. The Provide system both speeds and stabilises software application service provision, by supporting the execution of simple application service provision scripts.

Please visit the Provide website for more information.

Club (Hosting Software Clubs)

The Club project supports software clubs.

We are hosting a number of software clubs, and planning to host a lot more. To support this work, we are creating a software system called Club.

Please visit the Club website for more information.

Numerical Computing Projects

Quant (Quantitative Analysis)

The Quant project supports quantitative analysis.

Please visit the Quant website for more information.

Medical Research Projects

ScanBooker (Medical Imaging Administration)

The ScanBooker project supports medical imaging administration.

This project has received supported from the Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit of the Medical Research Council, and other imaging research units in the UK and around the world.

Please visit the ScanBooker website for more information.

Open Knowledge Projects


CKAN is a registry of open knowledge packages and projects (and a few closed ones). CKAN is the place to search for open knowledge resources as well as register your own.

This is our second project for the Open Knowledge Foundation.


Microfacts is a web application that allows people to string together "factlets" into narrative threads organized by theme, time and space.

This is our third project for the Open Knowledge Foundation.


Datapkg is a Python package that supports atomization, registration, and distribution of open knowledge and data packages. More information will soon be available here and on the Open Knowledge Foundation site.

This is our fourth project for the Open Knowledge Foundation.

Non-Software Projects

The Civil Society Pattern Writing Project

We are continuing an on-going project to identify and record NamedPatterns of best-practice within CivilSociety. We are most interested in practices and systems which resolve common concerns within the civil society domain, and those practices and systems which relate to attempts to make information system improvements within civil society processes.

This project is motivated by the need to build language multi-laterally and follows a developing trend within software engineering to produce domain-specific patterns.

Things We Love... Story Listening Workshop

The Things We Love... Story Listening Workshop series encourages people to record things they love to happen in the world. Oil pastels and drawing paper are provided for people to generate narrative pictures and word phrases. Each individual story telling is recorded in a story log, with a description of the story.

At the end of each workshop event, all stories and story logs are gathered, photographed, and added to the online story gallery.

Environmental Structures (Design Research)

We are involved with the Environmental Structures Research Group, an international network of architects with the following intent:

"We want to help to transform what it is to design, by developing (or further developing) new kinds of analytic and generative tools. We want to help shift the emphasis from the expressive intentions of the designer, to the adaptive processes that make a design most successful, and the tools needed to do that."

Foundation Development

The structures and movements of the Appropriate Software Foundation are actively developed, with most of the formal work planned as part of the Foundation Development project. An example of the work of this project is the foundation test suite, which is continuously improved, and which can be seen running on our buildbot service (see Services page for more information).

Older Non-active Projects

Website Evaluation

The Website Evaluation project was an action research project - funded by the UK Department for International Development - to develop and promote an effective process for evaluating websites.

Appropriate Website Factory

The Appropriate Website Factory is a simple XML-based content management system for specifying and producing effective websites.

Appropriate Online News Clipping

The Appropriate Online News Clipping service generated and archives clippings from online news. Clients set news queries, and preferences for generation and alerts.

Visiting Prisons

Visiting Prisons was a venture which aimed to improve the experiences for individuals and families visiting a relative or friend in prison.

A winning project from Social Innovation Camp 2008.


CinemaEyes is an online, video-on-demand, content management system for viewing and exchanging film-clips.