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Eternity Software Documentation


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We are developing two pieces of Eternity documentation. We are writing a tutorial to introduce the Eternity system. And we are presenting examples of real world deployments of the Eternity system.


Using desire involves registering backlogs, deciding and naming concerns, and operating iterations.


The typical usage of Eternity is firstly to create one backlog object for each project backlog you need to be bothered with. Give each backlog a name, and use it record the location of the job ticket list.


Create one concern object for each independent clients (or client concern). Associate each concern with its pertaining backlogs.


Create one iteration object for each duration of work. All the job tickets for all backlogs of the selected concern will be presented on the iteration, with the highest priority jobs at the top of the page.

Make the iteration plan by picking tickets from the list of all active tickets. Later, select previously intended tickets for acceptance. Then later, close the iteration or continue with a new iteration (carries intended tickets over to new iteration).

The start and end dates will be initialized with the current date, both can be edited.


If you have deployed Eternity please let us know via the About Us page.